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Soccer Backstop Netting by Nets of America is in the limelight today. Made from our 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Netting, Dupont 66-728, with Ultra-violet Protection & weather treatment for extra durability and long life. Our soccer backstop nets are ideal for keeping balls inside the playing field, blocking cars or perhaps buildings from obtaining hit and maintaining soccer balls away the roads. Made custom virtually any size or condition, we also offer you border options to generate the best possible custom net to suit your project. Having custom made this net for more than 15 years while serving the industry, there is a reason that Major League Soccer groups choose us for their stadiums and soccer amenities. Perfect for a backyard set up, club soccer, stadium for high school or college. No issue how big or small the project we are here to offer you only $18 shipping on all netting orders.

Soccer Backstop Netting Edge options
Soccer Backstop Netting Most Popular option - Normal Rope Border: Weaved in and away of each mesh and sewn in the edges. Most popular option.
Sewn Piece of string Border: Stitched in and out of each and every mesh, stitched in the corners & the attached every mesh.
Lead Core Rope Bottom: Lead Central rope is attached to the bottom piece of string border of the net to maintain the net weighed down against balls hitting the net or wind. The top and two sides of the net will have regular rope borders.
Vinyl Border with Grommets: 20 ounce vinyl is sewn onto the net about the perimeter of the net and then grommets are punched into the vinyl every 18 in .
Vinyl and Lead Core String Bottom: Lead central rope is set inside an 20 ounce vinyl item that is attached onto the net base to keep the net from soaring up in the wind or even from balls reaching into the net. The tope and 2 sides will have got regular rope borders.

#24: The lightest possible substance for soccer backstop nets. The fullness of this net is about a 1 / 4 of a pencil. This kind of net is perfect for backyards and really strong for taking visits from balls missing the goal. Our netting has a splitting strength of 258 lbs. With a square nylon uppers size of 4″ , this net is made specifically to stop soccer balls, volleyballs, football balls and sports that have bigger balls. With reasonable use the life expectancy can last 5-7 a long time.

#36: This is the most robust soccer backstop net on the market. Our #36 plastic soccer net will last 8+ years since a backstop. The thickness of this net is a little more than half the thickness of a pad. It is ideal from backyards all the way up to professional MLS clubs and stadiums because our item is currently used. Our netting has a splitting strength of 345 weight. With a square fine mesh size of 4″, this net is made especially to stop soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs or other sport that has bigger balls.

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